Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Photo Gallery (2017)

CNY Luncheon with Sabah Media 09/02/2017
Today we hosted a Chinese New Year Luncheon to show appreciation to our Sabah Media friends. It is time to foster the existing ties and may we continue to work together.

PBS Tawau CNY Open House 05/02/2017


Program 1 Komuniti, 1 JPJ 04/02/2017

PBS CNY Open House 29/01/2017
The PBS Chinese New Year Open House was a great success. Thank you to those who made time to join us in ushering the Year of the Rooster. May the new year brings us greater health and wealth, joy and happiness. Gong Xi Fa Chai from us in PBS.

CNY in Sandakan 28/01/2017
Was in Sandakan today. Visited friends' CNY open houses and also the PBS Sandakan CNY Open House at the Yu Yuan Secondary school hall. We would also like to invite the public to attend our PBS CNY Open House tomorrow at the Hakka Hall in Likas from 10am to 1pm. See you there.

Jom Balik Sekolah di SK Gana 26/01/2017
Selepas dua dekad, saya telah melihat perubahan yang ketara di Kampung Gana. Dari sebuah perkampungan yang agak mundur, Kg Gana kini menikmati arus pembangunan yang pesat. Kampung ini memiliki sebuah sekolah rendah dengan 282 orang murid. Saya berkesempatan untuk meninjau kemajuan di kampung ini apabila merasmikan Program Jom Balik Sekolah anjuran Tenaga Nasional Berhad dan Pejabat Parlimen Kota Marudu dengan keejasama pihak tempatan dan SESB. Pada program tersebut, murid-murod dibekalkan dengan beg, kasut, baju dan keperluan sekolah. Saya juga sempat meninjau pembinaanrumah transit di Kampung Gana.

CNY Walkabout in Kota Marudu 26/01/2017
Did our Chinese New Year Walkabout around Kota Marudu town, handing out CNY calendars and My1KM bulletins with PBS Vice President Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, KM District Officer Arnold Joibi and other local leaders. 2016 has been challenging to many. Hopefully the Year of the Rooster bekind to us.

Signing of 50MW LSS Power Project Agreement 24/01/2017
Today I witnessed the sealing of partnership between Tadau Energy Sdn Bhd and CPIPEC for the 50 megawatt LSS power project. We also did the 'lau sang' ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration this weekend.

KeTTHA's Annual Gathering 24/01/2017
Today I reminded the KeTTHA family to reflect and go back top basics of our Rukunegara. It should be the core of our actions. I also shared with them the recipe to success - intellectual and hardwork. With these two elements, one can be successful no matter where you are in this world. It reminded me of my father's advice long ago when I went overseas for my studies, he said: "Jangan pulang kampis barait", which technically means don't come home empty handed. His words linger until today. Those words made me who I am today, and I urge KeTTHA family and those out there to not leave their 'barait' empty. What you learned today will be useful tomorrow.

Inspecting damages caused by flood in Kota Marudu 23/01/2017
Sat down with local leaders and authorities concerned to assess the damages caused by the recent flood in Matunggong and Kota Marudu. We later inspected the damages on the Kg Montuson bridge and stretch along Jalan Indarason/Rondomon/Pata. Urged them to continue monitoring the situation. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

2nd wave flood in Kota Marudu 22/01/2017
Was supposed to fly to Kuala Lumpur today but had to rush back to Kota Marudu after nearly 200 villagers were forced out of their houses after water rose to dangerous level. Visited flood victims at two evacusation centres - SK Taritipan and Damai to make sure their basic needs are met. Tomorrow I will be inspecting the flood situation in Matunggong and other parts of affected areas in Kota Marudu.

CNY Walkabout in Tambunan 22/01/2017
Was in Tambunan for the CNY Walkabout with Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan. We were also at the launching of the Tundorongon Tombulul Tambunan (3T).


An evening with Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim 20/01/2017
Minister i Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim was in Kota Marudu for field inspection on damages caused by the recent flood. We presented aid to the victims at the Youth and Sports Hall in Tandek, where Datuk Seri Shahidan announced that upgrading will be done on gazetted temporary evacuation centres, which include building proper kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, among others.

Event with SARUCHA 20/01/2017
Presented assistance to villagers at the Sabah Rungus Cultural and Heritage Association (SARUCHA) at Kampung Bonduk.

Flood in Kota Marudu 19/01/2017
Eleven temporary evacuation centres were activated when water rose to dangerous levels in 19 villages in Kota Marudu. Visisted nine centres today because two were closed when villagers were allowed to return home after water levels subsided. We, from the Kota Marudu MP Office, presented food and drinks, as well as kitchen utensils and gas cylinder for villagers to use during their stay at the centres. Hopefully the weather will improve and situation will return to normal soon.

Lido CNY Walkabout 15/01/2017
Before doing our rounds, we had breakfast at one of the shops in Lido. Walkabout to meet and greet the people started as early as 7.30am.

Gaya Street CNY Walkabout 15/01/2017
Many has changed since I last came to the Gaya Street Sunday Market. Lots to see and many friendly faces greeted us when we made our rounds to distribute calendars and spread the CNY spirit.

CNY Walkabout in Tawau 2 14/01/2017
After Sin On Market, we headed to the Air Panas Old Folks Home and it was a triple celebration there - belated Christmas and New Year and an advance Chinese New Year. Sang karaoke with one of the residents and even celebrated one Kasmo Mangun's birthday. He turns 104 today and was told that his eyesight and hearing are still good.

CNY Walkabout in Tawau 14/01/2017
Tawau became our second destinatiom for the CNY Walkabout. Went to the Sin On Market to meet and greet communities here.

Baby's full moon 14/01/2017
Political Secretary Datuk Daniel Kinsik's granddaughter, Hannah Leah, tunred a month-old last night. The adults had fun at the full moon, and I get to meet up with friends and family.

Rest well Tok Nan 12/01/2017
Met, greet and distributed Chinese New Year calendars to communities at the Pasar Umum Ramai-Ramai and Pasar Umum Karamunting in Sandakan today. Just spreading the new year's mood with the people.

Study on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Borneonisation issues 09/01/2017
Getting updates from the two High Level Committee members, set up to study on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and Borneonisation issues. We, in PBS, are keen to fight for these matters until proper actions are taken, for the benefits of our state and fellow people.

Sambutan Hari Krismas dan Tahun Baru 2017 di Kota Marudu 09/01/2017
Terima kasih kerana memeriahkan Majlis rumah terbuka perayaan Hari Krismas dan Tahun Baru 2017 di Dewan Komuniti Kota Marudu tengah hari kemarin. Semoga tahun baru 2017 adalah tahun yang baik untuk kita semua.

Merasmikan rumah panjang yang ke-25 di Kota Marudu 07/01/2017
Penduduk Kampung Barangkason kini sudah mempunyai rumah yang selesa untuk didiami. Rumah panjang 20-pintu ini adalah salah satu manifesto pilihanraya yang telah saya tunaikan. Masih banyak lagi permohonan pembinaan rumah panjang di Matunggong, dan Kerajaan akan berusaha untuk merealisasikan permintaan masyarakat demi kesejahteraan rakyat di sini.

Paid a courtesy call on Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman at his official residence, Sri Gaya 07/01/2017
Paid a courtesy call on Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman at his official residence, Sri Gaya. During the one-hour meeting, we discussed a few issues, mostly on current issues.

Today the PBS Supreme Council members tried out the newly refurbished conference room at the party's headquarters in Donggongon 06/01/2017
Today the PBS Supreme Council members tried out the newly refurbished conference room at the party's headquarters in Donggongon, Penampang. And after three decades, PBS President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan passed his baton to me, a real honour. I have a huge shoe to fill. Thank you Tan Sri for the confidence.

Paying last respect on an old friend 03/01/2017
An old friend, George Hermes Mijin, left us on Dec 30 last year after a battle with cancer. He was 65. He was the PBS Hungab Branch Chief and a long-time KDCA Vice President. Bid our final goodbye today at his funeral. He will be missed. May his soul rest in peace.

Second day of 2017 was well spent with family members and close friends 02/01/2017
Second day of 2017 was well spent with family members and close friends. We also extended our family home in Tambunan, which means bigger room for family time.

The second series of Sakag Sundiman family reunion 01/01/2017
Began the new year by spending quality time with my big family at the Sundiman Family Gathering. Really grateful for the get together as we don't always get to see each other that often. I hope the existing bond continues to grow stronger and blessed. We're honoured with the presence of Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, who also graced our event today.