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Swearing-in Ceremony Of Parti Bersatu Sabah 45 New Office Bearers

KOTA KINABALU (Jan 10, 2014): Parti Bersatu Sabah President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan officiated the swearing-in ceremony of the 45 new office bearers of the party including the three party deputy presidents, vice-presidents and supreme council members, following the party elections held during PBS delegates congress on 23 October 2013.

The office bearers included those elected by the party delegates and those appointed by the party president.

Tan Sri Joseph Pairin in his message called on the new office bearers to serve the party and people wholeheartedly, and to work hard to fulfil the expectations of the delegates. “Party interest must always be above self-interest. We must also work as a team to ensure unity and cooperation in carrying out our struggle for the people,” he said.

He added that the party struggle had always been founded on the politics of multi-racialism and PBS would continue to champion unity among the people through multi-racial politics as the tenets and foundation of the party.

The president also stressed the need for a restructuring of the party’s administration to meet the challenges of changing times as the “political environment is more complex, and the expectation of the rakyat is higher than ever before”.

He said the younger generation are persistently looking for improvement in public administration or the conduct of affairs of the nation and had put pressure on every political party to respond to the challenge to do beyond what they had done in the past in serving the people.

“There is greater demand to improve leadership at all levels, whether at the central or headquarters level or grassroot level. This we must always be aware of and be sensitive to,” he said.

Towards this, he urged the supreme council and division leaders to get closer to the younger generation to be in tune with their expectations, as well as to recruit members with the intention of getting the young involved in the party affairs at all levels.

“Importantly, the party wings namely Wanita and Pemuda must take up the challenge to widen membership and henceforth enhance the movement’s strength and image,” he said.

Tan Sri Joseph Pairin also said the streamlining of the machinery at the headquarters level would be undertaken to improve the party’s administrative process and efficiency.

For the next two years, a lot of efforts would be concentrated on training for divisional leaders in areas of administration and leadership as well as to acquire skills in economics and commerce so as to assist members to be self-reliant and economically sustainable. The training and skills committee will plan and execute this initiative, he added.

Tan Sri Joseph Pairin also reminded the party leaders that this year would also see party elections held at the branch and division levels and he encouraged participation by all interested members.

“The election is a means to strengthen the party machinery even if it involves renewal of leadership where seen fit by members. For the party to remain resilient we must always be strong at the grassroot level and this can only be realised with effective and efficient machinery.

In concluding his message, the party president also said the task ahead for PBS like the other BN political parties, was enormous, and can only be achieved by being true to the party’s struggle as well as working hard and staying united.

“We must also continuously remain proactive and creative in the way we conduct our affairs and business because of the changing environment and challenges around us, while always being vigilant against the scheming activities of the opposition.

“The task ahead is to strengthen our party, both at the headquarters and grassroot level. We must also focus on going all out to repossess the seats that rightfully belong to us.

Our responsibility is also to make BN stronger and help realise the transformation programmes that are being led by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak,” he said.