Kota Marudu Member of Parliament

Ongkili welcomes former Umno Sabah leaders to ‘bebas’ side

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili welcomes former Sabah Umno members’ bold decision to leave Umno central.

“They have finally decided to follow us (PBS) … ‘bebas’ (free). We will wait and see development that follows,” he said in a statement today.

Following the recent development, the Kota Marudu Member of Parliament said for now, the local opposition political alliance Gabungan Bersatu Sabah (GBS) will continue without UMNO Sabah, and will proceed when the dust is settled on the newly party-less Yang Berhormats’ (YBs) side.

“Meantime, PBS will stick to its own agenda by strengthening its grassroots and continue putting the State Government on its stand so they govern responsibly.

“PBS will support what’s good for the people, but oppose that’s destructive to Sabah,” he said.

In wishing former Umno Sabah leaders all the best in their new political move, he also hope and pray that, together, our struggle will always be ‘Sabah for Sabahans First, then Other Malaysians’.

Most importantly, Ongkili stressed was to protect Sabah from invasion of foreigners, and that illegal immigrants be cleared from the land of Sabah.

“We maintain our stand that the Warisan-led State Government did not earn the mandate of the Sabah voters.

“They are now the government because Upko’s frog jump, which forced the then Barisan Nasional parties and voters to the opposition bench,” he said.

He further added that PBS elected leaders will remain principled and responsible to their grassroots.

On whether PBS intends to have any alignment at Federal or State levels, he said the matter will only be considered after consultation with the grassroots and evaluating the benefits for the people and in strict adherence to respectable and principled political action.

Source : TheBorneoPost