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Ongkili: Nothing laudable from 60-day-old 'Sabah Govt'

Kota Marudu: Just a month to their 100-days change for Sabah manifesto, the Parti Warisan-led State Government has yet to do anything laudable.

Instead, the new State Government has done more damages and taking back assistance that benefited the people within 60 days in power, said Parti Bersatu Sabah Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, here, Friday.

"In short, there is nothing to be proud about of this 60-day current government.

"All they did was warm their seats. And instead of creating concrete solutions, the Sabah Cabinet has been disturbing policy decisions that had been benefiting the rakyat.

"Among them is the recent announcement by Home Affairs Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on giving out citizenship to 200,000 recipients; the regulation of illegal foreign workers; and cancellation of surveying and awarding communal titles," Ongkili, who is also the Member of Parliament here, said.

He stressed that these so-called "solutions" are hampering development progresses in the State.

"The implementation of the current State Government's policy decisions must be explained clearly to the people.

"It (process of implementation) must be transparent and done according to the existing laws and regulations," he said during the PBS N5 Tandek regional meeting, here, Thursday evening.

Ongkili further stressed that even the legitimacy of the current government is still doubtful and is currently being contested in court.

However, he said until the current State Government's legitimacy is finalised, he urged PBS members to maintain steady and stick to the party's struggle, adding: 

"Do not run away from our core struggles and move ahead together... please stay steady, jangan lari (don't run)."

"I also urge all PBS members and supporters to remain steadfast and continue to reject the current government until the court decides its status.

"Indeed, there is nothing laudable in the performance of the current government.

PBS will continue to speak up and take appropriate legal actions to ensure our law and regulations are not broken, especially in the rights of genuine Sabahans.

Source : Daily Express